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Hi, I'm Tyler Tolman,

I greatly feel that my purpose on this planet is to help others. Help others with their health, their lifestyle and their thirst for knowledge. Health is the most important thing in life, and I feel as a beneficiary of hard-to-find knowledge, ancient wisdom and ultimate nutrition, that it is my duty to share this information with others, so they too can have the opportunity to live a life of greatness! There’s a lot of noise out there on the radio, television and internet, and it’s no coincidence that many Western countries are struggling with a health epidemic. What I do has helped a lot of people get their health on track, become happier people, and motivated them to chase their dreams!



Tyler Talks: Mother Natures Erectile Dysfunction Cures


Welcome back to Tyler Talks! This week I’ll be discussing erectile dysfunction cures. If you do an internet search about erectile dysfunction, you’ll find a number of causes: circulatory problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, hormonal imbalance and anxiety. Then there’s the issue that most people don’t talk about much: maybe he’s just not that into her. But the last reason aside, I believe that any healthy young man should be able to perform in the bedroom. So to treat erectile dysfunction naturally, we need to treat the underlying causes. So first of all, look at…

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Tyler Talks: Migraine Treatment 101 – Drink More Water


Hello Conscious Lifestylers! This week’s Tyler Talks is what I like to call - migraine treatment 101. Treating migraines naturally is all about hydration. When we get dehydrated we have inter-cellular blood capillaries that exist within the brain that ratchet down to hold on to the water that it has. That hurts — it’s called a headache. If you’re dehydrated chronically, those headaches would become severe migraines. You may think, “but I hydrate, I drink water.” You may ingest liquid that hydrates the rest of the body, but hydrating the brain is a different story. You…

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Tyler Talks: Treatment For Psoriasis – Juice Fasting


Welcome back to Tyler Talks! This week I’ll be discussing skin conditions such as psoriasis and my treatment for psoriasis - juice fasting. Psoriasis is a skin disease that shows up in patches in different places around the body. It can be mild or severe, and the medical community doesn't know the cause. But I have my own theory: psoriasis is a buildup of toxic plaque in the body showing itself along the lines of least resistance. If you have psoriasis on your neck, knee or another part, you might trace that back to your liver, spleen or other affected organ. The toxicity in your body…

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Tyler Talks: How To Overcome All Symptoms Of Food Allergies


Hello Conscious Lifestylers, This week’s Tyler Talks is all about overcoming symptoms of food allergies as well as where I believe they come from and what to do if you have them. I believe that food allergies, and particularly nut allergies, come from particular phytonutrients in food having a battle with latent toxicity that your body is stories. Nuts, especially, are one of the highest sources of phytonutrients out there. So it’s no surprise that those toxin-eradicating little nuts cause a reaction in someone who has toxins in there. The body wants and needs those toxin-cleansing…

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Tyler Talks: The Dangers Of Energy Drinks


Welcome back to Tyler Talks! This week I’ll be discussing all the dirty little secrets hiding inside sugar-free drinks and the overall dangers of energy drinks. Unless you’re drinking water, your sugar-free drink is very likely flowing with toxins straight from the science labs of insecticide makers. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (the little pink packets) and Splenda (the little yellow packets) can cause symptoms like migraines and seizures because of their toxic properties. Aspartame was actually invented by the insecticide industry! Try it out on an ant hill — those…

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